Difference Between API 5L and A 106 GR.B Pipes

Unless the code governing what you do dis-allows it, or the requirement is for seamless pipe only, the two are interchangeable.

As an example, the company I work for is a distributor of steel pipe, flanges and fittings. When we order pipe of this type, we order it “quad stencilled”, which means it complies with and is certified to all of the following:

A/SA 53B



CSA Z245.1 Grade 290 cat I

Because these standards are so similar, it is easy to make one piece of pipe that will satisfy the requirements of all. It is far more efficient for us to do this than carry seperate inventories of each A53B, A106B, API 5L B and CSA.

A couple of notes to go with this.

A106-B pipe is, be definition, seamless, whereas, A53-B, API 5L -B and CSA can be either seamless OR welded. So, when we order quad stencilled pipe, is has to be seamless. Also, the spec for CSA is higher than for the ASTM/ASME and API grades, but CSA is a requirement for a number of our customers, which is why we add that on.



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